Why LefkasYachts

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  • LefkasYachts  was founded in 2005 and has since then been the premier yacht chart company for sailing in the Ionian region. Our cheerful enthusiastic staff have years of local sailing experience and provide dedicated client support and services at high quality giving you the opportunity to enjoy your sailing holiday with us on the idyllic waters of the Ionian free of worry. Select one of our privately owned vessels according to your needs and then just relax and enjoy. All our yachts are fully maintained on an annual basis for your reliability and comfort and our technicians are fully available 24/7 throughout the season to offer guidance, support and service in-time of need.

  • The experienced technicians of LefkasYachts can offer you a range of cost effective maintenance and repair services to your yacht throughout the year. LefkasYachts can absolve yacht owners from the bureaucratic process of dealing with transaction services involving public and port authorities. Moreover, we are able to offer high quality marketing and financial support service regarding the possibility of finding you a buyer , shipper , etc for your yacht.

  • These services, together with the client based support ethic of our staff are the reasons why anyone interested in sailing these beautiful waters should choose LefkasYachts and its trusted partners.

We will be glad to serve you